At Diamond Coat Houston, our goal is to create unique, custom designed countertops and floors perfectly bridged with practical living for each and every one of our customers. We’ll guide you through the design decisions, providing fresh options by pulling from your current designs and future desires. We will then blend these designs to create one of a kind countertops and/or floors that are beautiful, functional, and uniquely yours.

Diamond Coat Houston is owned and operated by two Mechanical Engineers with a passion for home renovation. We employ people who are as interested in the products as we are. Diamond Coat products allow us to elevate our designs and offer our customers truly unique spaces that will be admired by many. 

Say hello to the new you!

Our Team

Diamond Coat Houston, LLC


Founded: 2016

Owners: Eric Leffler, Shaun Schneider

Core Values - We pride ourselves on safety, quality, and integrity. We ensure that these attributes are a part of every project we complete. ​

Company Profile